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Welcome To Shwe Than Thar Hein Co., Ltd.

Export of timber and forest products is one of the major economics of Myanmar. Foreign currencies are annually earned through timber export. Most area of Myanmar is covered by forest where valuable woody plants are grown.

Our teak and other kinds of timber inspire manufacturers of wooden furniture and other wood products all over the world.

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Myanmar Teak (Burma Teak) and other
Hardwoods and export solid wood products are:

- Logs (Burma Teakwood & Hardwood)
- Boards (Burma Teakwood & Hardwood)
- Scantling (Burma Teakwood & Hardwood)  ...more

Myanmar Teak (Burma Teak)
Deck on various kinds of ship and truck

Myanmar (Burma) Teak has been the most favored wood for the ship building industries since hundreds of year ago due to its strength ....more

Myanmar Teak (Burma Teak)
Four Sides Smooth

Some of our customers are manufacturers of furniture and wood products, who request our products to be made ready for use ...more


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